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Welcome to Dr. Cahit Guven’s Website.
Senior Lecturer in Economics
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

Working Papers:

1. Short-term Labour Market Effects of COVID-19 and the Associated National Lockdown in Australia: Evidence from Longitudinal Labour Force Survey. (with Panagiotis Sotirakopoulos & Aydogan Ulker) (link)

2. Macroeconomic Contractions during Impressionable Years and Entrepreneurship in Later Adulthood. (with Panagiotis Sotirakopoulos, Aydogan Ulker, Carol Graham) (link)

Published Papers:

Economics of Happiness

  1. Revisiting the relationship between marriage and wellbeing: does marriage quality matter? (with Bruce Chapman) Journal of Happiness Studies.  2016 17; 533–551 (link)
  2. Rain or shine: happiness and risk-taking. (with Indrit Hoxha) Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance  2015 57; 1-10 (link)
  3. Life satisfaction and longevity: longitudinal evidence from the German socio-economic panel. (with Rudy Saloumidis) German Economic Review 2014 15; 453-472 (link)
  4. Reversing the question: does happiness affect consumption and savings behavior? Journal of Economic Psychology 2012 33; 701-717 (link)
  5. Subjective well-being: keeping up with the perception of the Joneses. (with Bent Sorensen) Social Indicators Research 2012 109; 439-469 (link)
  6. You can’t be happier than your wife. Happiness gaps and divorce. (with Claudia Senik & Holger Stichnoth) Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 2012 82; 110-130 (link)
  7. Are happier people better citizens? Kyklos 2011 64; 178-192 (link)

Economics of Immigration

  1. The Relationship between Early-Life Conditions at Home Country and Adult Outcomes among Child Immigrants in the United States. (with Deniz Gevrek & Eylem Gevrek) Economics & Human Biology. Conditional Acceptance. (link to IZA Working Paper)
  2. Australia’s Immigration Selection System and Labour Market Outcomes in a Family Context: Evidence from Administrative Data. (with Lan Anh Tong & Mutlu Yuksel) Economic Record. 2020 96; 50-77 (link)
  3. Do English Skills Affect Muslim Immigrants’ Economic and Social Integration Differentially? (with Mevlude Akbulut & Mutlu Yuksel) Economic Record 2019 95: 279-300. (link)
  4. Age at migration, language proficiency, and socioeconomic outcomes: evidence from Australia. (with Asadul Islam) Demography 2015 52; 513-542 (link)
  5. Benefits of education at the intensive margin: childhood academic performance and adult outcomes among American immigrants. (with Deniz Gevrek & Eylem Gevrek) Eastern Economic Journal. 2015 41; 298-328 (link)

Health & Development

  1. Long‐term effects of malnutrition on early‐life famine survivors and their offspring: New evidence from the Great Vietnam Famine 1944–45. Health Economics (with Trung Hoang, Muhammad H. Rahman & Mehmet Ulubasoglu) Forthcoming (link)
  2. When does daylight saving time save electricity? Weather and air-conditioning. Energy Economics (with Haishan Yuan, Quanda Zhang & Vural Aksakalli) Forthcoming (link)
  3. Retirement and unexpected health shocks. (with Benedicte Apouey & Claudia Senik) Economics & Human Biology. 2019 33; 116-123 (link)
  4. Financial Integration: The role of tradable and non-tradable goods. Economic Modelling. 2016 53; 345–353 (link)
  5. Gender roles and the education gender gap in Turkey. (with Asena Caner, Cagla Okten & Seyhun Orcan Sakalli) Social Indicators Research. 2016 129; 1231–1254 (link)
  6. Height, aging and cognitive abilities across Europe. (with Wang-Sheng Lee) Economics and Human Biology 2015 16; 16-29 (link
  7. Height and cognitive function at older ages: is height a useful summary measure of early childhood experiences? (with Wang-Sheng Lee) Health Economics  2013 22; 224-233 (link)
  8. Engaging in corruption: The influence of cultural values and contagion effects at the microlevel. (with Wang-Sheng Lee) Journal of Economic Psychology 2013 39; 287-300 (link)
  9. Determinants of maternity leave duration in Australia: evidence from the HILDA survey. (with Aydogan Ulker) Economic Record  2011 87; 399-413 (link)